Michael London, President & CEO
Michael London, President & CEO Examity
“At Examity®, we always think of a client situation as if it was our own.”

Professional & Corporate Certifications

Examity®: Reliable Test Center

Examity® offers a cost-effective exam integrity solution. Our sophisticated technology and support are ideal for professional/corporate certifications and pre-employment testing. Around the clock service and extreme flexibility sets us apart from the competition. Our test-takers sit for exams in more than 50 countries and 5 continents. At Examity®, our top priority is to assist clients to maintain test integrity and protect their content.

Our experienced team will integrate with any test delivery platform: commercial, custom or our own. Integration enables single sign-on for all users. In addition, examiLINK® facilitates the frequent importing of information and updates needed to support exams.


Examity®: Reliable Test Center includes:

  • Integration with your test delivery platform – or just use ours.
  • Secure environment and exam to protect all content.
  • Stringent authentication to confirm identity.
  • Cheating prevention to ensure test integrity.

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