Online Proctoring

It’s really simple.  Test-takers can get started in 4 easy steps – and they never have to leave their Learning Management System (LMS).

Step 1: Connect to the Examity® Dashboard. Test-takers just select the “Examity® Single Sign-On” in their LMS.

Step 2: Set up a profile.  It takes less than 5 minutes.  After test-takers upload a picture of their government issued ID and select a timezone they’re ready to schedule and take exams.

Step 3: Scheduling exams is as easy as clicking on a date in a calendar and selecting a time that works.

Step 4: On exam day, test-takers log into their LMS and open the Examity® Dashboard.  They connect with a live proctor by clicking on the “Begin Scheduled Exam” button.  After a thorough but quick validation process – test-takers can then begin their exam.

The process is straight forward – but if test-takers do need help – Examity® customer service is available all of the day and all of the night and provides real time support over the phone, via email or chat.