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12.14.17 |  Indiana U High School Adopts Examity for Online Proctoring – The Journal

Following a nearly three-year pilot, Indiana University High School will be working with the proctoring platform Examity, which was chosen over alternatives for its “flexibility, security and support… Read Full Story »


12.14.17 |  Indiana U Chooses Examity for Online Proctoring – Campus Technology

Following a nearly three-year pilot, Indiana University has chosen to adopt the proctoring platform Examity over other choices for its “flexibility, security and support… Read Full Story »


9.20.17 |  5 Ways to Cheat on Online Exams – Inside Higher Ed

Ten years ago, when the U.S. Department of Education eliminated the 50 percent rule, which barred students who took more than half of their classes online from receiving federal aid… Read Full Story »


7.12.17 |  Universities Use Analytics, Authentication to Prevent Cheating in Online Courses – Ed Tech

In college classrooms, detecting cheating can sometimes be as simple as catching a student looking at someone else’s exam… Read Full Story »


7.02.17 |  “People Will Cheat” – Inside Sources

Education is increasingly a buyer’s market, according to Michael London, the CEO of Examity, a remote test proctoring service… Read Full Story »


6.15.17 |  The Future Trends of Online Proctoring – Blackboard

Online learning in higher education is continuing to explode in popularity. Research estimates that nearly 6 million American undergraduates now take at least one course online— one-quarter of the postsecondary student body. And online programs are enabling colleges and universities to support a growing population of nontraditional students, many of whom balance work or family commitments in addition to their studies… Read Full Story »


6.08.17 |  New Analytics Tool Tracks Cheating Patterns for Online Testing – Campus Technology

Online proctoring and identity verification company Examity today launched examiDATA, a data platform designed to “aggregate and analyze information on test performance and academic integrity…. Read Full Story »


5.30.17 |  Examity wins Owler Top Rated CEO Award – Owler.com

Winners are directly chosen by the Owler Community via member contributions. This year alone, Owler Community members have contributed over a quarter million CEO ratings… Read Full Story »


5.15.17 |  How to Stop a Heist…in Online Learning, by Michael London-Extra Credit: The Canvas Blog

The silver screen is full of crafty characters who will stop at nothing when it comes to getting what they want-without being detected, of course. Tom Cruise rappelled down an air vent to break into C.I.A. headquarters and steal secret information in Mission Impossible… Read Full Story »


3.21.17 |  Examity Intros Mobile ID VerificationCampus Technology

Online proctoring company Examity is introducing a mobile authentication product that will allow test-takers to use their smartphones for identity verification…. Read Full Story »


3.02.17 |  Examity Secures $21M to Expand Online Proctoring Systems –EdSurge News

PROCTORING PAYS: How do you monitor online tests? With online proctors, of course! Examity, which offers proctoring and identity verification for online testing, has secured a $21 million investment from University Ventures and Inherent Group… Read Full Story »


3.02.17 |  Natick Startup Raises $21M to Stop Cheating on Online Tests –Boston Business Journal

Examity, a Natick-based startup that lets schools proctor online exams securely, announced Thursday it has raised $21 million… Read Full Story »


1.18.17 |  Pennsylvania State University selects Examity –University Business

The Pennsylvania State University has selected Examity, the world leader in online proctoring software and support, as its test integrity solution… Read Full Story »


10.27.16 | Texas A&M Adds Partner for Online Proctoring 

Texas A&M University system has signed with a third party to provide online proctoring services for the 143,000 students taking exams at its 11 campuses and associated online courses…Read Full Story »


9.09.16 | Online proctoring for the entire campus – eduventures 

A large, public university with a significant number of online learners needed to deter cheating within its high risk online exams..Read Full Story »


7.27.16 | Blackboard partners with Examity® to improve online proctoring – Campus Technology

Blackboard has partnered with Examity in an effort to improve the efficiency, security and convenience of online assessments. As a result of the new partnership, the two companies have developed customizations designed to improve the online learning experience, with test-taker and exam information automatically imported to the Blackboard learning management system (LMS) ...Read Full Story »


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