Together, Maplesoft and Examity® are strengthening the integrity and efficiency of online learning and testing assessment. The partnership combines Examity® comprehensive proctoring services with Maplesoft’s high-performance mathematic software and online courseware environment.

Maple T.A. is powerful online testing and assessment software designed especially for courses involving mathematics. Its unparalleled abilities allow instructors to truly assess student understanding of math-based concepts, making it ideal for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) courses.

Möbius is the online courseware environment that focuses on STEM education. Instructors and educational institutions can provide an online learning experience that keeps students actively engaged with the material and provides them with constant feedback that solidifies their understanding.  Throughout the entire lesson, Möbius enables students to explore important concepts using engaging, interactive applications, visualize problems and solutions, and test their understanding by answering questions that are graded instantly.

The combined solution gives universities exam integrity services including proctoring, training and technical support in real time.

By introducing the option to connect seamlessly with Examity®, Maple T.A. and Möbius has expanded options available to instructors and has strengthened the credibility of its online testing and assessment system.

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