In 2002, less than one-half of all higher education institutions reported online education was critical to their long-term strategy. That number is now close to seventy percent.

– 2014 Survey of Online Learning.


As the number of online classes, degree programs, and certifications increase, educators continue to wrestle with the challenge of maintaining exam and institutional integrity. That’s where Examity® comes in.  Schools have abandoned self-service and single-style proctoring, recognizing that our tailored and affordable approach to security is more efficient and effective.

As you evaluate your online proctoring needs, we encourage you to determine how to best use your resources: does it make sense to spend the same amount of effort and resources proctoring a quiz as a final exam?

Examity® has mapped its solution to meet the integrity and budgetary needs of online programs, as well as the strict standards regulated by industry authorities.  Our tiered security levels allow institutions to select the right service, or combination of services.

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