Flag System

Reviewing each test from start to finish wouldn’t be practical. That’s where our flag system comes in. All activity during authentication and proctoring sessions is reported via our flagging system. Once an Examity session is completed, flags raised throughout that session will be available for review by instructors. Each flag is time-stamped to allow instructors to quickly navigate to the recording or screenshot of the incident in question.

The Process

All flags include notes or suggestions to offer instructors direction on the activity that took place. Once the exam is completed, our auditing team will provide a second review of the exam and edit, or apply additional flags if appropriate.

Here’s how and where flags are applied:

  • Green flags are raised when there is no incident.
  • Yellow flags are issued when a rule is broken but cheating does not necessarily take place.
  • Red flags are given when the student exhibits clear cheating behavior.

If a technical issue or question arises during an Examity appointment, a Blue alert will be raised.