Flag System

You weren’t there – but it will be like you were.  Reviewing each test from start to finish wouldn’t be practical.  And, as a busy education professional – you simply can’t commit to those demands.  That’s where our flag system comes in.  The system provides instructors with a snapshot of what happened during each test.

Here’s how it works:

  • Proctors watch test-takers and look for any violations. As they proctor, they make comments and issue flags to inform instructors.
  • Each flag is time-stamped so that instructors don’t have to waste time scrolling through each recording.
  • Flags are given for both authentication and completion of the test.
  • Green flags are raised when there is no incident.
  • Yellow flags are issued when the proctor observes a minor violation.
  • Red flags are given when the student exhibits clear cheating behavior.
  • If a technical issue arises, we will communicate that to you with a blue alert.

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