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FAQ’s – Institutions

Q: Who are your proctors?

The team is comprised of strong communicators, technical troubleshooters and well-focused college educated professionals. Examity® has 3 proctoring centers in different timezones allowing us to provide services “all day and all of the night.”

Q: Can you integrate with our LMS?

Yes. Our top-flight engineering group has yet to find a learning system that it cannot handle – even if it’s a proprietary one.  A large focus of the implementation process is making sure LMS clients are fully integrated before students start taking their exams.

Q: Do you proctor the College Board’s ACCUPLACER test?

Yes! Examity is an approved vendor for ACCUPLACER tests. We allow students to take their ACCUPLACER test when it is most convenient for them (24/7/365). Please visit for more information.  

Q: We have not yet determined who will be paying the bill. Can you handle both university relationships as well as student pay relationships?

No matter what you decide, be assured that Examity® will provide the most affordable services in the industry.  We have the unique ability to handle payment relationships whether it be through universities or students themselves.  We prefer to do what works best in your environment.

Q: We think we like level 3 (live proctoring), but hope to proctor some exams in a lower tier security level. Is it possible to have this flexibility and save money?

Absolutely!  Professors realize all tests are not created equally.  Universities have figured out that Examity® offers the unique ability to proctor more tests and save money.  That said, you may select the security level for each test.  Test providers have saved more than 25% by making wise choices.  You will receive exam video access for all proctoring levels.

Q: I am a business and I want to use remote proctoring for employee training or certification. Can you work with me even though I am not a school?

Yes, absolutely. Please fill out the contact us form and someone will get back to you about a customized solution to meet your needs.

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