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FAQ’s – Students

Q: What does Examity® do?

Examity® is an online proctoring solution that gives students the flexibility to take exams remotely.  It provides teachers, schools and students with the tools they need to prevent cheating and to preserve integrity.

Q: How does Examity® work?

The first step is to set up a profile.  It takes less than five minutes.  Next, students schedule an exam.  On test day, students’ identities are authenticated by the proctor.  As soon as the validation process is complete, students can begin their exams. After the final question, students simply submit their exams.

Q: Who will be proctoring my exams?

The team is comprised of strong communicators, technical troubleshooters and well-focused college professionals.  Each Examity® proctor has been interviewed by a member of the senior management team.

Q: What if something goes wrong during my test?

Examity® offers technical support all day, every day.  If something goes wrong either before or during an exam, students can connect with our support team by email, by phone or by live chat.

Q: Does the process of connecting to my proctor cut into my exam time?

No. The 5-minute authentication process does not cut into your exam time. The timer on your exam does not start until you have begun the test.

Q: Will I have the same proctor every time I take my test?

Examity® proctors are randomly assigned to exams. You may get the same proctor more than once, but you may also have a different proctor for each test.

Q: I don’t know if my computer meets the Examity® requirements.

Examity® system requirements are:

  • Desktop computer or laptop (not tablet)
  • Webcam and microphone (built-in or external)
  • Connection to network with sufficient internet speed: at least 2 Mbps download speed and 2 Mbps upload – test internet speed at
  • Browser with pop-up blocker disabled
Q: How do I know if my system meets those requirements?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can email and arrange to do a system check with someone on our support team.

Q: I need to find my own proctor for a course I am taking. Can you help me?

Yes we can! Examity® remote proctoring services are available to individuals as well as institutions. In fact, we have a special product for our many retail clients. Please fill out the contact us form and someone from our team will get you set up.